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Written by Patricia Turnier   
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The young and radiant Senaya was born under the Senegalese sun, in the capital city of Dakar.  Very proud of her roots, she considers herself as originating from both Senegal and Guadeloupe.  Her father is a Senegalese businessman and her mother hails from Guadeloupe.  She works in the medical field and also has a beautiful singing voice. 

Senaya’s parents are also both passionate lovers of music.  The artist, mother to a young daughter, has lived in several countries:  Guadeloupe, France, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and since 1996 she lives in Montreal, Canada.  Her many trips have developed in her a large capacity for adaptation and rich life experience.  Senaya enjoys her vast cultural heritage.   She carries within her “afro-caribbean” roots, as well as her grandmother’s Indian origins.  Senaya is a lover of cultural diversity with a wide openness to the world.  Senaya wears many hats: she is a self-taught songwriter, composer and interpreter.  Her songs are inspired by the cultural mosaic which surrounds her.  She sings salsa, zouk, blues, acoustic soul, Caribbean jazz, and RnB, among other styles.

This artist became the first Black woman in Quebec to receive the prize of Interpreter of the Year at the 35th International Song Festival of Granby  (the most important francophone festival in Canada and the United States) in 2003.   Senaya collaborated with Steven Tracey, former producer for Corneille .  In this way, Steven Tracey became the executive producer of Senaya’s first album, “Garde la tête haute” – “Keep Your Head Up High”.  This CD of 13 tracks was launched on August 23, 2005, with the prestigious Quebec record company Audiogram .  It was produced in collaboration with Sonny Black and Wesley Louissaint.  The first successful track was “Garde la tête haute” – “Keep Your Head Up High”.  The lyrics are profound and touching.  The artist delivers a message of hope.  She stands out by her charisma and the quality of her lyrics.

June 26, 2009, she interpreted a song in honour of the deceased Aimé Césaire.  Senaya is one of the most brilliant and most articulate young artists of our day.  This singer possesses a divine talent and is gifted in languages.  She speaks seven different languages: Creole, Wolof, Spanish, Italian, French, English and German.    She radiates an openness of mind and a universality which allows her to reach a very large public.   Senaya, a citizen of the world and ambassador without borders, gives generously of herself in concert.  She sings with her heart and has all the advantages of being able to conduct a great and lengthy international career.


[Article translated from French by Murielle Swift, BSc., MEd.]



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Selection from the song “Garde la tête haute” – “Keep Your Head Up High”, a message of hope and inspiration

It’s crazy, a funny kind of life, I’ll give you that
Not easy to understand
It’s a passion, foolishness
Which you hang onto with reason

You have known many failures
Received many refusals
Cleared away many liars
Mastered many follies
Today, you doubt yourself
You remain stuck in your bubble
But above all, don’t forget!

Keep your head up high, regardless of your path…
Keep your head up high, regardless of your tomorrow…

Senaya (2005)

[Lyrics translated from French by Murielle Swift, BSc., MEd.]