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The author, an immigrant from Nigeria who accomplished the American dream generously shares the rules of the money game:  how to protect your assets, how to make sure that the tax laws work for you, how to increase family profits annually, how to get tax free cash for retirement, how to properly pass your inheritance to the next generation, etc.  Important financial aspects are explained in an accessible language:  trust, will, life insurances (with its different types and advantages including living benefits), college funding for children (how to plan it properly instead of using the retirement money…), the best student loans, etc.  The author provides great practical tools to insure generational wealth.  Douglas Eze offers information about the financial professionals that can be consulted.


This book is intended as a guide for the improvement and rapprochement of couples by learning to better understand each other, support each other, communicate adequately in order to avoid insults, pitfalls, etc. The book is for couples who want to make the best of their journey together and is useful for those wishing to enjoy a healthy and lasting love relationship.

The book is written in a compelling way in layman’s terms, which makes it very accessible to people who studied business.  Many important themes are covered:  how to build wealth for your children through investments (the book provides other economic parental guidelines for their progeny), how to properly organize an estate plan, the importance of ownership, the significance of relationship capital in all areas of life with an ethical code of conduct, the difference between income and wealth, the value in having diverse financial options, etc.  The author possesses business acumen.  He obtained a PhD in finance and he became a self-made multi-millionaire.  Hence, he holds the ability to thrive financially.  Therefore, his knowledge is not solely about theory which gives him credibility.  This book just became an amazon bestseller in the public finance category.

This paperback is an excellent inspiring memoir that can give courage for people (from all walks of life) who need hope.   As a minor, Dr.  Salaam was unjustly incarcerated for many years with other teenagers, the five of which came to be known as Central Park Five.  They were attacked by Donald Trump via the media but all exonerated later on.  The NY Times bestselling author Dr.  Salaam had resilience and managed to find solace.  Thus, he was not broken thanks to his strong Muslim faith and family, especially his mother who visited him in prison on a regular basis.  In addition, his grandmother prayed for him.  An important part of his youth was robbed from Dr.  Salaam.  In spite of that, he did not become bitter.  The book encompasses his journey.  A Netflix series, When They See Us based on the Central Park Five, was produced by the Oscar nominated directress Ava DuVernay.  Dr.   Salaam is a recipient of the Muhammad Ali Award.

The authoress is a jurist and does not use  complicated legal jargon in her book. The main issues regarding workplace sexual harassment are covered in it.  She explains the main attributes and realities of this grave issue.  The lawyer and former ESPN anchor educates the readers about how to document a sexual harassment case, what are the psychological impacts of sexual harassment and how to survive this, how to live through cyber scandal, what are the traits of harassers, etc.  This book is really about empowering people who are going through the very toxic issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

This is a great book written in a straightforward language.  It provides excellent examples detailing what a business plan should comprise.  The book is very practical and concrete.  For people who want to start a business, it gives precious information as follows: where to get an inexpensive space for your office, how to create the right team, how to choose the appropriate marketing strategies, etc.   The authoress is truly generous for sharing her knowledge.  She offers information about other books and resources that will empower entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses.

This is an excellent book for parents who are raising their African-American sons.  This paperback can also be useful for educators and/or any other person who has a genuine interest for the well-being of the male Black youth.  There are resources included in the book that might help families instill in their sons a strong and positive racial identity, a prerequisite to have a successful life.  The authoress, an African-American psychologist with decades of clinical experience, provides many tools that can help parents to raise in a healthy way their sons.  She covers many important issues including parents who have to deal with their sons who encounter legal problems, school suspensions, etc.  In addition, the authoress provides tips for parents to cope with stress and to give the best of themselves.

The book Powerful Black Women presents females of different realms who made it thanks to their positive-thinking and resilience.  Readers will find inspiration in the life stories showcased in the paperback.  They will learn about the socio-historical events that shaped the lives of these women who ardently accomplished their dreams.  Dr.  Camille Cosby wrote the foreword..

This encyclopedia (in 3 volumes) is among one of the most complete that details the accomplishment of African-American females in different realms.  Hence, readers will find a wide scope of women who succeeded in politics, sports, law, business, etc.  They will learn the obstacles they faced, how they managed to shatter glass ceilings and overcome the odds, and so on.

This excellently documented book presents successful African-Americans in different fields throughout the centuries until now.  Readers will discover various trailblazers in education, sport, cinema, politics, etc.  They will learn about the major contributions of these people to the American society and beyond.  It is possible to read our interview we did in the past with the authoress, Dr.  Smith by clicking on this link:  http://www.megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com.

This is one the best books for people who seek information about how the music business works.  In addition, readers will find concrete information such as the model of the last contract of Michael Jackson.  Artist Management, 5th edition is a great tool for people who need an overview of show business that changes constantly.  Several current themes are covered such as streaming, social media, data analytics and more.

This play is one of the best amid African-American theater.  The story is about a fictional and powerful dialogue between Dr.  MLK and Malcolm X.  It provides great insight concerning the main issues that Black America was facing at the time.  Readers can tap this link to know more about this play:  http://www.megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com.

It is one of the most beautiful books for children with great illustrations by Salena Barnes.  Different generations of Black ballerinas are showcased.  The NY Times bestselling authoress, Misty Copeland, presents the Black ballerinas that inspired her and others.  The book is not limited to African-Americans but also presents other women who succeeded overseas such as Céline Gittens who joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet in the UK.  Click this link http://megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com_content, there is an interview with the authoress.

One of the authors of this book created his own business and became a millionaire.  He evidently has credibility and knows what he is writing about.  The book is not based solely on theory but also on experiences, which brings it great value.  It offers guidance to entrepreneurs.  Readers will learn about how to draw a solid business plan, how to create a winning marketing strategy, how to develop selling skills, how to negotiate great deals, etc.

It is one of the most important books regarding the modern socio-economic conditions of Black Americans.  Environmental racism, disparities in health, employment, housing and education are some of the many issues delved into.  This number one NY Times bestseller showcases several erudite intellectuals from different fields.  Among those experts is former U.S. Surgeon general Dr.  David Satcher who penned an introductory essay about well-being and health care.  Activists Marian Wright Edelman and Cornell West are also featured in this collection of essays.  They offer robust critiques in many themes that concern Black America.  The book is a call for action regarding racial justice by providing long term solutions.  The paperback is very factual, and it suggests concrete solutions. It represents a sociological anthology.



It is a very important book written by the former president of the American Sociological Association, Dr.  Joe Feagin and Dr.  Karyn McKinney, an expert in sociology.  Racial inequalities concern everybody, and society as a whole pays for it because people are interrelated.  The race relations problematic may represent a threat to democracy.  Therefore, the impacts of racism are broad, they can affect mental and/or physical health, the quality of life economically, socially, professionally, and so on.  Discrimination may be covert or overt.  In other words, it takes different forms.   Readers can see an excerpt of the book by clicking this link:  http://www.megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com_content.


In this book, information is given by emeriti jurists on everything that is important to know about divided properties in Quebec. Various crucial topics are covered: the provident fund, the difference between divided and undivided condos, the declaration of co-ownership (or a condominium declaration), etc. This book, which will always be relevant, is simply worded so that the written language is accessible to the general public. This book is a useful guide for future buyers of condominiums and current owners.

This NY Times bestseller relates the maternal mistreatment that the authoress went through with her adoptive mother, the Oscar winning actress Joan Crawford.  When this book was first released in the seventies, the authoress became a pioneer by publically denouncing maternal abuse.  A movie based on the book was made afterwards in 1981.  The writeress, sixteen years later, released the excellent book below about family violence.


This book, written by Christina Crawford, is an important one because too often, society focuses on violence that occurs in a couple instead of analyzing violence within the whole family unit—which is also a reality. Some families even went through violence transmitted from one generation to another. The book is very well researched with sociological data and further elements including information about the impacts on the victims.




This book was penned following her first memoir Mommie Dearest.  It mostly recounts Crawford’s adult life after the emotional and physical abuse she endured by the hands of her adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford.  Christina Crawford met many challenges in her adult life related to her marriage and other events.  She then managed to overcome her difficulties.  The authoress shares in her book the Hollywood deals she got, her loneliness, and further tribulations.  This paperback destroys the myth that money brings happiness.  Being adopted by an Oscar winning actress did not spare her from child abuse.  In 2012, a documentary entitled Surviving Mommie Dearest was released.

The author exposes discrimination in corporate America.  Very few African-Americans are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.  The author is an Ivy League alumnus who worked in the world of corporate law.  He narrates his professional journey, shares his challenges and successes.  In addition, he assesses what it means to be a Black professional in corporate America.  The book raises questions about institutional and systemic racism.  This paperback is for anyone who truly wants to create a healthy work environment free of prejudice.  Readers can see the book review by following this link:  http://www.megadiversities.com/index.php.

Terrie Williams exposes unapologetically in this insightful book the everlasting Black pain that people of African roots have to go through and for some, it begins at infancy.  She enlightens the socio-historical events that impacted and plagued Black America, which can create debilitating consequences such as PTSD.  She breaks the taboo in the Black community regarding mental health issues.   She courageously and honestly shares her own struggle with depression and how she overcame it.  She encourages people to get the help they need and reminds us that it is not a weakness to obtain the required support.  Readers can see the book review through this link:  http://megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com.

In her NY Times bestseller, Oluo recounts what is really happening in terms of race relations.  She dismantles the collective gaslighting amnesia and/or denial (by the mainstream) concerning this issue.  White privilege, the alleged universality of the White world, the true faces of discrimination and inequality, the insidious consequences of structural racism with its power dynamics, its exclusion in the workplace, microaggressions, intersectionality are among the various themes analyzed with nuances in her findings.

Alicia Keys in her memoir intimately shares her personal and professional journey.  The audio format is superb to listen because we hear Keys sings in some chapters while she is playing piano.  People can read an interview with Keys here:  http://www.megadiversities.com/index.php?option=com.


Ms. Jarrett, the longest-serving senior adviser for the Obama administration, wrote a very interesting memoir regarding her professional and personal journey. Readers will learn about her family background, the values that her parents instilled in her which allowed her to accomplish her goals, etc. This NY Times bestseller and NAACP Image Award offers a blueprint for aspiring jurists and politicians.




This book denounces how some mean women operate in the workplace.  The behavior of those females is described by the writer who is an Australian clinical psychologist.  She exposes in her paperback eight types of such harassers. Those women can destroy the careers of females and/or hurt their mental health.  However, the authoress suggests tools that may help women deal with those toxic personalities.



This international bestseller defines White fragility as a defense or denial mechanism aimed at refusing to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism present in the society. For the authoress, an American sociologist, White supremacy also affects people who practice it. Everyone is impacted by this problem. She breaks the taboo by bursting the abscess. She analyzes the relationship of White people with racism based on her experiences dating back at least two decades ago while proposing keys to counter this very serious issue.  The renowned intellectual Dr.  Dyson wrote the foreword.   Moreover, a youth edition was released.



This international bestseller exposes how White supremacy works and how it can be dismantled particularly by starting a work of introspection while decolonizing minds. The book analyzes the context of White power and its established privileges. It is a courageous and important book that has been very well received by a diverse audience.  The international bestseller writeress Robin Diangelo penned the foreword. There is also an accompanying paperback which consists of a workbook. A version for younger readers was also created. These are tools that might be useful in understanding and combating racism. The authoress’ writings have been utilized to achieve collective change in several sectors: employment, etc.

This autobiographical fiction was a phenomenon during the 1970s. It has become a classic thanks in particular to the eponymous television series, one of the most watched by the American population, and which has gone far beyond the borders of this country. This historical novel is the result of twelve years of research by author Alex Haley. The latter venerates in his work his ancestor Kounta Kinté by introducing readers to a fascinating saga.


One of the best workbooks written by a sexual abuse survivor that may aid people who went through similar ordeals.  This book is the companion paperback of the U.S. national bestseller The Courage to Heal.  It is very practical and concrete.  It has the capacity to alleviate victims’ pain to accelerate their healing process.



This brilliantly researched book offers an in-depth analysis of the anti-racist and anti-colonialist movement of the 1960s in Montreal. Questions and issues related to politics and gender are addressed. The author obviously refers to history by studying a crucial protest event in particular that took place in Montreal in 1969 at Sir George Williams University. The work also raises questions such as the possibility or not of attaining a post-racial society.  The book has been translated into French.  In addition, the English 2nd edition will be released on April 18th 2023.



There is a popular belief that says you have to be a certain age to write your memoir.  This is definitely not the case with Trevor Noah who had a lot to share about his life during his youth.  As a result, this fascinating book became a NY Times bestseller.  Noah’s story starts in South Africa where he was born during the apartheid era.  We learn about what it meant for him to grow up as a biracial young man who later achieved the American dream.


Too often, people hear about the dominant occidental feminism point of view. This NY Times bestseller offers the African-American perspective of feminism, including that of the underprivileged people. Many important themes are covered such as the intersectionality, the designed racial inequities, the created economic disparities, underfunded schools, difficult access to social justice, health care, etc. The authoress provides new insights about what affects women of color who are forgotten or sidelined.



Patricia Evans is an expert on verbal abuse and recognizes its inestimable consequences.  For instance, millions of people meet great difficulties to become the person they were meant to be because their thought process was affected and their confidence was eroded.  Verbal abuse always precedes physical abuse.  It can be overt and/or covert.  In this book, Evans focuses on psychological violence with its characteristics:  oppression, control, manipulation, etc.  Many of these individuals have a Dr.  Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality type or are narcissistic perverts.  Some are even sociopaths who provoke psychic rapes with mental anguishes.  They can be from any culture, gender, educational background and social class.  Support groups, the five types of abuse, the trapping of the victims are among the subjects covered in the book.  This paperback is for mental health professionals, people who are trapped in toxic relationships and individuals who are concerned with this very serious problem.  Different layers are discussed in the book.  The writeress strongly believes that collectively, we need to grasp what verbal abuse consists of because it will help us to live in a healthier world.




This book came in audio, kindle and CD formats.  We learn about the journey of the authoress’ father Reginald Lewis paralleling her path.  Reginald Lewis was a legendary entrepreneur, the wealthiest Black person in America (in the early 90s) by acquiring a billion dollar business.



Life coach Valorie Burton is sharing her knowledge to help women improve their lives by reducing stress, etc.  She gives tips in many areas:  financial, personal, professional, etc. with personalized action plans.  This book represents a guide for women who wish to be more fulfilled.



Authoress Malala Yousafzai became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She recounts in her international bestseller book her young life and her struggles while informing us about Pakistan, her country of origin. The story of this young woman is touching, particularly in terms of her fight for the right to education (forbidden by the Taliban) for the women of her country. She almost lost her life for this reason and had to leave her native land to live in England with her family. A documentary about her life was made by director Davis Guggenheim in 2015.



This autobiographical book, an international bestseller, pertains to the journey of a strong and resilient young woman, Marina Menat who was unjustly imprisoned in Tehran at the age of 16 for political treason in Iran. This event took place after the end of the Empire of Iran and during the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini. The weight of culture, repression and traditions led her to a forced wedding to get out of Evin prison; she married one of the guards. Currently, she lives in Canada with her new husband and has written the sequel to her international bestseller, After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed.



The authoress, a teacher and parent brings an interesting perspective, mostly based on her experiences regarding education in the U.S and Asia, especially in Singapore.  Thus, she provides an interesting comparative analysis between the American education system and the Eastern one. The writeress gives many tips on how to intellectually stimulate children, how to encourage their imagination, how to develop their own opinions and views, how to build their resiliency, how to support them by assisting their goals, how to structure their days efficiently, etc.




Louise Hay, the late international bestseller authoress, strongly believed in personal fulfillment and the consequences in our life when we adopt negative and/or limiting ideas. In her book, she offers various simple exercises that promote individual development. Louise Hay was a strong believer in the power of positive and constructive thoughts for personal growth. Over 50 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide.



These books are not ranked in any particular order. Most of these books are available on www.amazon.ca, .co.uk or .com and www.barnesandnoble.com